The Luxurious Amenities that Come With Your Dc Limousine Rental


Hiring a limousine service is more than just about getting from A to B. There are other avenues that can do that, but what they don’t have is a full-fledged entertaining experience that only a limo ride offers for you and your friends. There are tons of things that make a Dc Limo Rental so extraordinary.

There is TV Inside

Flat screens are hooked up in limos, where you can enjoy your favorite shows during the ride, which can easily be longer than trips that take more than hour.

Fiber Optic Headliner

This is what makes a limousine so classy and sophisticated- a starlight headliner is positioned on the ceiling of the vehicle.

The Bar

You don’t have to ask for it, just take it. There is everything here from water to alcohol. Some offers of Limo Service DC allow passengers to bring their own beverages that they can store in the mini fridge located in the limousine.

Sound System

Who doesn’t like a bit of music while travelling, this is the system that allows everyone to hear everything loud and clear, regardless of where they may be sitting.

The Bluetooth Connection

Forget your hassle with the CD player or the radio. The Bluetooth connectivity feature is what helps you connect the system to your device. But in case you want something other than what is stored in your device, there is always the CD player and radio intact just for your entertainment.

The Moon Roof

If you feel like seeing the starry sky while riding the limo there is always the moon roof you can operate for a splendid view or simply for some fresh breeze.


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