Almost Half of the Guests RSVP-ed ‘No’: What’s Next?

So, you have already booked the venue, the caterers, and DC Party Bus Rentals for your guests. Now, the only problem is that the RSVPs have been sent back, and you realize that almost half of your guests have declined the invitation. Instead of feeling bummed, know that there is always a silver lining to this unfortunate turn of events. In this case, there are three.


You Get to Save Up!

Think about all the money you will be saving up on hiring a caterer, venue decorations, florists, and Party Bus Rentals VA? Now, imagine the things you can do with that money? Doesn’t that bring a smile to your face? Now, you can add a few more honeymooning destinations to your bucket list, get a better home together, and start a new saving account.


Wouldn’t you like that?

On the other hand, you can use that money to make your wedding even more memorable for the guests by booking more luxurious Party Bus Northern VA as your official wedding transportation or adding few more dishes to your menu.


Include Kids:

If the reason behind not inviting the kids was based on the additional capacity or cost, you can now easily include them without changing a single thing in your wedding arrangement. You can also hire babysitters to watch after the kids, or get a jumping castle installed in the venue for them to enjoy themselves at the wedding.


Allow Guests to Bring Plus +1s:

Did you feel bad about rejecting your best friend when she asked you to bring her significant one before because you didn’t have enough room to add another table? It’s time you give them the good news. Also, promise them a Party Bus Rental DC ride to show them some love.



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