Why Should You Have Backyard Weddings?

Sadly, planning a wedding isn’t as easy as they say in those blogs, with a smiling bride and groom with their fluffy pets. You have to think about getting the invitations out, book DC Limo Rentals, look for a suitable venue, talk to vendors, and choose the decors that you  want. But, it doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, if you opt for a backyard wedding, you will cut down on half of the chores and expenses from the budget you made. This blog will list 5 reasons as to why you should have one to.


No Venue Cost:

When it’s happening in your backyard, it’s obviously cost-free. You save yourself form the hassle of going over to different venues, checking out the available halls, and thinking about all the additions you would like to make to the place.


Any Date is Available:

You can get married any day you want. Neither do you  have to wait for an open slot and nor do you have to rush it all on a week’s notice. Any day is a good day for you. Call up your friends, tell them to dress up, wait for the Limousine Service Arlington VA to pick them up, and hold your very own intimate wedding in your backyard.


Save on Transportation Costs:

True, the charm of getting out a DC Limousine Rental is not something which is irreplaceable. You will surely miss out on that opportunity when having a backyard wedding, but think about the costs. When you choose to have a more intimate ceremony in your own backyard, you will have to hire fewer DC Limousine Rentals since not many people will be invited.


Work with Local Vendors:

Like saving up on Alexandria Limousine Service, when hosting a small luncheon or hi-tea, you don’t have to appoint caterers to cook for you. You can get some cooks and grill live food or have a food van give out some sliders, salad, and protein-based main and desserts.


It is your backyard; you can either light it all up or you can keep the decors to a minimum by placing sleek centerpieces and having proper lighting. You can also follow whatever theme you want to go with.


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