When You Want to Plan your own Bachelorette but you CAN’T

And now you want to plan your own bachelorette but your BFF is doing the honors, and you can’t possibly turn her down?

Well, we are afraid there is no way you can do it yourself now.

But you can still have the party that you want!

Here is How:

Throw Hints

As soon as you get engaged, start throwing hints about the kind of bachelorette party you want. Discuss with your BFF about your problems regarding your Wedding Transportation in DC (if you are getting married there) and bring up the bachelorette at intervals.

Have a Backup Plan

Book a DC Party Bus Through Rentals or a Party Bus in Northern Virginia as required for providing transportation for your hen night. If you don’t like what your BFF has planned, you can always party on the party bus!

Trust your BFF

The next, and the last thing to do, is to trust your bestie. She knows you completely and will no doubt plan your dream bachelorette.

But if she doesn’t, do book the DC party bus rental (just in case)!


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